About Us:

Welcome to Tasty Jock! Your premier choice of athletic wear for men. Our jockstraps are made from a bamboo blend that naturally absorbs moisture and prevents odor from your sweaty balls! Not judging if that’s your thing!!!

What is Tasty?

Tasty started out as a term for an attractive person my friends and I would see in public. Over the years Tasty evolved into the term “TT” (Tasty Treat). When you hear someone say those 2 letters out loud, that means to casually look around for the hottie near you! You can play in the airport, restaurants, sporting events, and the mall!! If you’re like me, I play by myself everywhere I go!

The Man, The Myth, The Legend of Tasty Jock:
My name is Lance and I am the owner and CEO of Tasty Jock. As I have gone along this journey, people have asked how I got started. Well, here’s my story………

I grew up as a military brat and lived all over the United States. After graduating college, I took a 4 year trip around the world….literally. I worked some very spontaneous and bizarre jobs along the way as a means to continue my adventure abroad. My most memorable experience was when I literally ran away to join the Mexican circus as a trapeze artist. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that right. This is a true story! A 6’4”, hairy chested, bubble butt, white boy in a Mexican leotard. Now that’s a visual for you!

After my travels, I took a desk job in Middle America as an insurance adjuster and hated life. I changed professions into the technology field and climbed the corporate ladder at a very rapid pace. I found my next home in South Florida and can never imagine myself living anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great job. But who wants to work for someone else?

My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 was to start my own business. I took my idea and gave myself small simple tasks that eventually got bigger and bigger and bigger. After a year and a half I am proud to announce that Tasty Jock will be launching in 2017!!!